P.S Plants - Glass Water Mister 200ML

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Glass Spray Water Mister

Misting your plants on a regular basis can provide them with the humidity levels they need in order to thrive without the hefty price tag of a humidifier. 

We all know plants need water to survive, and we tend to dispense that water from  - faucet or watering can - not from the nozzle of a spray can. But gently misting some houseplants offers a bevy of benefits that will help them thrive over the long haul. So, read on to find out why you might want to add regular misting to your plant care routine, as well as the correct way to do it.



  • Green Leaf: Water Mist - Side 1, Give it time - Side 2.
  • Black/Cream: Water Mist - Side 1, You grow girl - Side 2.
  • Cream/Mint: Water Mist - Side 1, You grow girl - Side 2.
  • Floral Burst: Water Mist - Side 1, I'm rooting for you - Side 2.