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Toddler Pool Float

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By Bagd

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Toddler Pool Float

Float around with your toddler on hot summer days without too much worry with this amazing toddler float! Perfect for tiny tots, it has holes for little legs to go through into the cool water below while they sit on the soft plastic. It even protects them from too much sun with a cute little canopy on top. Splash around the pool with your little one with this toddler pool float.



Pool float for water and pools.

Canopy to protect from the harsh sun.

Little holes for little legs to fit through.

Soft plastic material for them to sit on as they float around the pool.

Floatable material.

Easy to set up in minutes.

Allows for a more stress-free time in the pool.


What's in the box:

1 x Toddler Pool Float 



Product Size: H51 x L59.5 x W54 cm