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Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket

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Snuggle Tails Mermaid Blanket

Snuggie blanket is made of high quality material, incredibly soft, with oversized sleeves, so that you can move your hands freely, doing the usual tasks, and still be warm. A large, -Versatile size allows you to fully engage! Ideal for cool nights. 

-Just slide in and TRANSFORM into an Enchanted  Mermaid while keeping warm and cozy!

-The best part, your hands are free to play games, text, read, eat and more without having to take it off!

-The Snuggie Tail Blanket is fun anywhere; at home, in the car, outdoors, and a hit at sleepover parties!

-Super Soft Machine Washable Velveteen material
-1 Size fits most kids

-Material: wool 

 -Sleeve length: 70 cm

-Weight : 130g

What's in the box :

1 X Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket