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Portable Mini LED Gel Curing UV Nail Lamp

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By Bagd

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Portable Mini LED Gel Curing UV Nail Lamp

his product has 6 pieces strategically placed 6 LEDs which are more humanized and no dead - zone, and it's designed with USB interface which makes it more portable for nail art salon and home use.

Can be used for setting nail polish and various kinds of UV products such as UV top coat, UV builder gel, etc.

The wave length is visible and harmless to eyes, but do not to stare at the bulb for a long time
The tunnel style powerful UV Lamp designed for instant gel nails curing and nail varnish.
Reflective layers on the inner wall of the lamp, more effective for curing.
The small and cool design lamp is suitable for both professional and personal nail care uses

- Environmental protection: LED light, non-harmful substances to the human body
- Easy to operate: only one button to turn on and off
- Space-saving: Mini size and lightweight, you can take it almost anywhere
- Protect your hands, avoiding harm from outdated ultraviolet or UV light dryer
- Maximum power consumption is 6W
- 5000 hours life time makes it more durable
- 6 LED high quality lights strategically placed
- No harm to your eyes, comfortable eye contact, relieve the burning sensation
- Fixed Timer: 45 sec, 60 sec (Press ON/OFF button once for curing 45 seconds, long-press 1-2 seconds for 60 seconds)

What's in the box
1 x LED UV Nail Dryer
1 x USB cable