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Portable High Pressure 12v Car Washing Tool

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By Bagd

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Portable High Pressure 12v Car Washing Tool

This is a 12v vehicle mounted electric car washing Machine. Its the most powerful portable  washing tool . It is light, small, and convenient car washing machine hence its is your best. 


-It is a 12v to 220v vehicle mounted electric car washing gun and it is the most powerful car washing tool -The main frame can stretch into the river or the bucket directly which can get the water unlimited -its really a light small and convenient washing machine so it's your best choice
-World-class car washer: 12v mini car washer is a multi-functional family car and home washing machine which is made of micro submersible pump as the main body, It perfectly washes away the dirt, grime and deposits from the car without hassle.
-Small but powerful: car washing machine is small in size yet powerful with water-saving feature to provide high pressure enable you to wash your car cleanly, water saving, for water flowers, car cleaning, cleaning air conditioning, wash bathroom, window cleaning, wash floor, mini and portable car washer.
-Most amazing car wash tool, you can directly use river water, wash sound with infinity, lightweight and compact, a true and convenient car washing machine.
-This car was made DC 12v power supply, can be used directly in the car, convenient and practical safe and reliable, this is a great car washer set, for car use, car cigarette charger with over-current protection function, Packaged with car washing pump and water gunn high pressure pipe.
-This product is mainly used in many aspects, such as outdoor car wash, watering plants, outdoor washing window and so on, car car wash family car high pressure 12V22V electric car washing machine mini submersible pump washing machine water gun cleaning.


-Hose Size : 8 m

-Material Type:High grade plastic

-Weight :0.09kg

What's in the box:

1 X Portable High Pressure 12v Car Washing tool

1 X Water Gun 

1 X 8 M Special Hose