Playful Panda 2 Pack Dual Foam Dart Gun Set With 60 Foam Bullets

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Playful Panda 2 Pack Dual Foam Dart Gun Set With 60 Foam Bullets


-Environmentally safe material for sturdiness and durability

-2-pack blaster toy guns for team play

-Safe and easy operation for mobility

-60 refillable darts and wristbands for ease of play


Safety material

The dual foam dart guns are made using environmentally safe ABS plastic, and it is lightweight, sturdy and durable. The bullets are made of soft foam material, making them safe and enhances shooting excitement.


2 Pack Blaster Toy Guns

The dual foam dart guns are suitable for children to play team games, enhance children's teamwork ability. While playing, it develops children’s intelligence, creates puzzles and enhances the fun.


Safe and easy operation

The dual foam dart guns are easy to use. Just pull back gently to load the darts. The easy operation allows children to get the thrill of shooting games.


60 refillable bullets and two wristbands

The dual foam high-quality EVA foam dart bullets are tough and durable and can be used repeatedly. The bullet head adopts a suction cup that can be attached to a smooth surface when shooting. It is also equipped with two wristbands, which carries the bullets when the battle begins.


Foam darts

When the trigger is pulled, it replicates the sound of a real gun; however, the darts are soft and harmless. Even if a child accidentally shoots a dart in the wrong direction, it won’t hurt anyone.


Dimensions: 21*14 cm

Recommended: Kids 6+

Material: Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Batteries Required: No

Package Dimensions: 25.2 x 17.4 x 7.1cm            

Item Weight: 450g


What’s in the box:

2x Dual Foam Dart Gun

2x Blaster Dart Wristbands

60x EVA Soft Darts