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Intelligent Pain Relief Massager

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By Bagd

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Intelligent pain relief muscle stimulator Cervical Massager

Okay so you are constantly in pain - that makes you pretty much every individual. Luckily we have this nifty gadget to pull that pain away! 

Good bye to sore neck muscles and back ,Effectively promotes local blood circulation, relaxes local muscles and relieves fatigue. Can be used in the gym, office and self-training at home.


-Ergonomic pad design, enables great adhesiveness to the shoulder.

-Suitable for people with neck pain, shoulder numbness caused by cervical vertebra discomfort.

-With light weight, the neck massager relaxes the neck muscles.

-Relieve stress Increase blood flow Relieve pain Office syndrome symptoms Clean white design Looks beautiful in a minimalist style.

-There are a total of 2 massage heads with joints that can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the position to best fit the shape of each neck.


-Charging voltage: DC 5V

-charging current 150MA Nominal

-voltage: DC 3.7V, power 25W, working time 15 minutes (should not use more high power 6V)

What's the box:

1 X Intelligent pain relief muscle stimulator Cervical Massager

1 X 2 pads 

1 X USB Cable 

1 X Connection cable 

*No Returns*