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Honeycomb Draw Organiser

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By Bagd

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Honeycomb Draw Organiser - Pack Of 2

These honeycomb organisers add a sweet touch to your drawers and wardrobes. Using the stylish honeycomb shape, these organisers are multi use for you to organise:










•Hankie chiefs 

•Sewing goods

•Smaller objects and items 

•Perfect to roll up you baby grows 


•Hand towels


The shape allows you to reconfigure them length ways, stack them, or organize in a way to fit the drawer shape. They add a great touch to any space and allow your drawers to stay neat, helping busy-bees to find items quickly and easily. 




Honeycomb design

Reconfigure according to needs


Keeps items neat and tidy

Keeps items safe and easy to find

Easy to assemble



What’s in the box:

3 individual units that can be reconfigured 



Product size: 40 cm length x 22cm width x 6.5 cm height 

Packaging dimensions: L=24cm x W=7cm x H= 6.5cm   weight:0.28kg