Antibacterial Fridge Shelf Mat - Pack of 4

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Antibacterial Fridge Shelf Mat - Pack of 4

Tired of emptying out your fridge weekly just to wash the glass shelving. The sticky drops of sauces, the spilt jam and lets not even mention the chances of cross contamination. Keep the fridge clean, simple, smooth and healthy with these plastic fridge mats. This can also be used on top on tea trays to prevent spills, cutlery draws, and even to use at a front door for muddy feet . 


May keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

Can be cut to size to fit inside your fridge or draw 

Anti-odour and stain free.

Mildew and moisture free.
Allows air to circulate in the fridge

Non slip and non-stick.

No sticky residue after changing them out.

Grease and waterproof.

Great for kitchen / pantry cupboards or camper cabinet drawers protected organization.

Material : EVA Plastic

Ribbed mat prevents slipping and sliding of items

Easy to clean with dish soap and water

45cm x 29cm x 1cm