7 Days Secret Sleeping Pack

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7 Days Secret Centella Cica Sleeping Pack

A soft cica sleeping pack intensively cares and soothes the exhausted and irritated skin during the night and maintains the oil-water balance. It also soothes the troubled skin and helps maintain hydration.

1. Contain Centella Asiatica

Helps to sooth damaged and sensitive skin, soothes and moisturizes problematic skin softly.

2. Sunflower oil

Contains vitamins A and E, which are excellently absorbing and prevent aging by adjusting to water-oil balance of dry skin.

3. Night care

Cares tired and irritated skin at night time, adjusting to water-oil balance of skin and make skin texture smooth and elastic

4. Design & Usability

Simple and hygienic triangular pouch packaging method is applied for easy storage by minimizing product deformation


7 Days Secret Vita Plus-10 Sleeping Pack

Niacinamide. Citrus Limon (Lemon) fruit extract. Adenocine. Panthenol.

Vitamin sleeping pack that adds vitality to tired skin.

1. Dual Functionality & VITA Capsule

VITA Capsules in Moist and Glossy Sleeping Pack work efficiently on tired, lifeless skin and intensively supply nutrition while you are sleeping. During sleep, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract in the pack helps regeneration and management of your skin, keeping the skin moist and clean. (Includes dual-functional ingredient of whitening & wrinkle improvement)

2. Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract

The ingredients of vitamin C and E soothe sensitive and tired skin, providing vitality and helping to protect the skin from harmful outside substances. It also serves as a skin conditioner to improve and maintain healthy skin.

3.Lemon Extract

Lemon is rich in vitamins to help skin health, and vitamin C in lemons is excellent in preventing aging by producing collagen and preventing wrinkles.

4. Sunflower Seed Oil

Contains lots of vitamin E, it acts as a skin softener to moisturize the skin and is very effective in cell regeneration because the cells contain lecithin. The sunflower seed oil, a vegetable oil, is highly moisturizing, skin-friendly and mild that it is even good to those with sensitive skin without trouble.


7 Days Secret Deep Water Sleeping Pack

Intensive sleep mask pack with quadruple hyaluronic acid that moisturizes inside and outside the skin making the skin taut..

1. Contains 4D hyaluronic acid ingredients

Intensive sleep mask pack with quadruple hyaluronic acid that moisturizes inside and outside the skin, making the skin taut. After washing face in the evening, apply the appropriate amount during the skincare stage, tabbing for absorption, and sleep.

2. Contains sodium hyaluronate ingredients

It provides highly concentrated moisture deep into the skin, creating a powerful moisturizing film that fills from inside the skin thoroughly.

3.Contains Evening Primrose Root Extract

Evening Primrose, which the Indians used as medicinal herbs, helps to soothe skin rashes, trauma, and wounds and serves as a deterrent to free radicals that contribute to skin aging, making the skin clear and transparent.

4. Contains Hibiscus Flower Extract

Hibiscus contains lots of vitamin A, C, and citric acid, which helps prevent skin aging and helps skin elasticity and whitening. The AHA, natural ingredients of flowers, is the most commonly used ingredient for exfoliating, and makes the skin smooth and clear.